A few things from BlackCraftCult I really fucking WANT


And This

Both are epic Occult shirts. 

I wear a size 3X 




Well quite a bit of things have been happening in the Mirrorscape camp. As you remember in our previous post our former vocalist Jarrod was forced to leave to make time for his family and we wish him the best of luck and hope someday in the future he can return to work with us.  Our Female vocalist Emily Fuller has returned to pick up the slack created by Jarrod’s departure.  She never left our band, but scheduling conflict made it virtually impossible to work with her, until now that is.

We have been busy at work, getting her up to date on the music and getting ready for both the studio and live shows and while not 100% yet, it will be soon.


Photography by Matt Sellers


We have even started writing a new song called The Prism. So far it has been a beautiful ballad and after our July 14th Show I am sure we will be able to spend more time on it. The 2nd half will be fairly brutal sounding. At least it is in my mind’s eye.

Photography by Matt Sellers


Speaking of which, I mention a show right? Yep July 14th at Just Bills here is the flier.


Courtesy of Matthew Dunn of Depraved Designs.

http://www.facebook.com/events/293185864109173/ here is the facebook event page.

The other bands are all amazing and totally worth checking them out.

As always we have some neat things in store for everyone and this time we really mean it. Please Subscribe to our youtube channel and make sure to check for us on all your social networking sites. Also Remember we are still looking for some guest musicians for our upcoming release.  Contact us, mirrorscape.the.band@gmail.com for more information or questions.

If you want to stay updated on all news of the new album sign up for our mailing list here and we definitely need some epic help for our street team to make our vision a reality.