Occupy The World.

This was originally posted on our Reverbnation Blog, but I felt we needed a wordpress blog.

It was during the RNC protests of 2008 that I wrote the lyrics for Northern Lights. Blending visions of the protests being aggressively put down by what seemed at the time a police state action with the imagery of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Material Saga. I used the images of his work to convey an idea. I was listening to our 2009 Demo this morning and was thinking to my self, how relevant is this song to the world today. After pondering the question, the answer is, it is more relevant today than ever before.
Here is some lyrics and I will let you decide on the relevance of it.

“I see us gathered in the masses, they will lose all control. Division among the classes, they will all be over thrown.I finally found the solution, the answers are so near.A sacrifice I’ll make, and the authorities will come to fear.”
-To me this is the statement we are the 99%, we are the those that must stand up and take our future before there is no future to take.
The Authority is still claiming their “Divine Right” to rule the masses in perpetuated slavery. Most will think we are not slaves with a saddening look on their faces. How many of us own our own homes? How many of us live with out debt? We work to continue existing. Most are unable to reach for dreams or goals, being forced to chose between Goals and  mere Survival.

Lets look at some more lyrics, here is the Chorus.

Infinite worlds are linked parallel. A starry dust exists, unseen just within the northern lights.
Awareness found by man in fervor. Hysteria unveiled in the halls of those who claim Divine Right.

Very direct imagery  for anyone who has read the books, and I can express many complex layers for my choice in the lyrics. “Infinite Worlds linked parallel”, that is a representation of all the possible futures that we can create today. What kind of world do we wish to live in? What kind of future do we wish to create for our children? Do we want them to grow up in the perpetual slavery of the current economic system?
“Awareness found by man in fervor. Hysteria unveiled in the halls of those who claim Divine Right” This is extremely straight forward. In times of crisis Mankind strives for change and self improvement. Mankind is also more open to see the world as it really is, and that time is now. Those who hold the cards will have to see the truth, that we will not be playing their game anymore. It ends Now. This song I hope can become an anthem for this movement. I am not deluded enough to think, that it will, but I hope it can help inspire others to take a stand and join in the movement. I am officially dedicating this song for the cause. I am hoping by the end of the day, I will have the song for sale online and I will donate half of all proceeds straight towards the cause. I will update this page when I can. Please remember the song is a demo, and we do plan on re-recording it in the next few months. If this takes off, I will re-record it in the next week or so. I also urge all our fans to donate to the cause. http://nycga.cc/donate/
Finally here is Northern Lights.


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