Update from the Maddness

Well world, this is our new Blog. Hopefully it will work better than the standard blog on Reverbnation.  I will keep this fairly short today. Well Mirrorscape is doing well, our first time back on stage Oct 2nd, was not with out it’s hiccups but overall I think everything went well. We hope for a quick recovery for our vocalist, bassist, guitarist and drummer. Who have all come down sick over the past two weeks. One thing that made us happy is how well our new drummer Danny Meyer is working out!!!  In other Mirrorscape news, M.Stinehart and R. Smithee will begin releasing video blogs and have began working on new material exploring the new direction we are wishing to take our sound.  We have two upcoming shows. Tuesday November 1st at the Fubar opening for Arsis.   Buy a ticket now. The 2nd show is at Just Bills Thanksgiving Festival, Nov 26th. $5.00 at the door.

We are hoping to hit the studio in November as well.

Other Projects Mirrorscape is involved with, we are in the process of building our own little studio, so we can share musical idea’s with the online community more quickly and develop a stronger Youtube presence with video’s.  We are also currently looking for film editors too help put together a little video for our song Northern Lights, focusing on the Occupy Movements happening globally. We are also looking for a flash animator to put together a music video for our song Among the Stars. Hit us up at mirrorscape.the.band@gmail.com if you want to help with this.

We are currently help raise funds for the Occupy Movement with our song Northern Lights. Every Digital Download, half of our profits will be donated towards the movement. Purchase Now

Well that is all for now.


Remember Lets, Ride the Wings of Pestilence Together.


93 93/93


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