It is with….

It is with our sincerest apologies that we must inform our friends and fans out in the STL region, that due to several circumstances beyond our control we will not be performing Tuesday Night at the Fubar. We had high hopes for the show and it is a disappointment for us all that we will not be able to open for Arsis.  Anyone who had already bought tickets to the show from the band will be offered a full refund.  This is new territory for us as a band, I have said in the past that I would never allow a show to be cancelled. That I would Climb on stage with only an acoustic guitar and my off-key vocals if needed.  I am an entertainer at heart and believe in the show must go on. When someone told me a long time ago that sometimes, a canceled show just happens and there isn’t anyway around it. I never believed them, well until now that is.  We give our Sincerest apologies one more time.

I will take a moment and give a Mirrorscape update while I am writing as we are long over due.  We have another concert at Just Bills Saturday Nov 27th. I promise no cancellations on our part. 😛 After that show, we are going to be taking a break from live performances as our Vocalist Jarrod is having his first Girl in Dec!!!  The band will be focusing heavily on writing the material that will become our first full length album. We will be using a kickstart fundraiser to help get the albums and it’s release made a reality and will have a lot of neat rewards for those that help us. More info on the program later.  We are really excited to get this made a reality!


Love to everyone in the world,



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