Sleep of the Beast/Last Show of 2011/Fight the Future.

The Beast shall again slumber, but only for a time.  Soon all shall be revealed and the world did tremble.

Still coming down from the high playing live gives me. What seemed like a negative point in our existence through perseverance and luck managed to be a high for us. I know the crowd was small but it was one of the best crowds we have ever played for.  For those of you who have not been to Just Bill’s Place in Overland, MO it is a small club. In fact when watching old documentaries on the metal clubs that bands like Iron Maiden and other classics got their starts. This looks just like those. It is small, intimate and definitely Metal through and through.  Cheap and Awesomely strong drinks are plentiful and the Owner is an awesome guy and if he likes you he will keep throwing drinks to you all night.  Honestly while sometimes the sound is iffy, I love playing Just Bill’s over every other Club I have played in Saint Louis.  Here are some Pictures from last nights show, taken with my wife’s droid. I am looking for more pictures, I saw a lot of flashes. So you best be sending them my way 🙂

Last night was our official first headlining show. We have headlined before but that was always a last minute detail based on ticket sales. This was a right from the start of booking the show headlining event. So that was unique. The owner after our set was over told us next time make sure we have an hour or hour and a half set ready. Heh How was I suppose to know? The Email said our set time was from 11:00 to 11:45 so that is what we prepared 😛 Trust me had I known we could have played until the bar closed, I would have and I would have done some special things.

Last nights set list included a few new songs

I. Northern Lights from our 2009 EP

II. Your Point of View

III. Gardens Of Babylon

IV. Edge of the Universe from our 2009 EP

V.  Rites of The Edda

VI. Among the Stars

VII.  Untitled New Song ( Tentatively called End of Time)

Next time we will have a full massive set ready. I know the new song was a little rough but everyone’s reaction to it was awing to say the least.  It was a great show to have as your final show of the year. We may do another sometime between now and our Cd release and we may do a ninja show or two if the Occupy STL wants us and we are available.

Ok I have blathered on about last nights show long enough I think. On too the future of Mirrorscape.

Starting this week, Matt Stinehart and I shall begin work on the new album. We are both feeling uber creative and will be spending the next few weeks in a heavy writing phase, hopefully Joey and Danny Will be able to make it out often and help with ideas. Jarrod will be super busy though and that is understandable, as his wife is pregnant with his first child. She is Due in Mid December!

Beyond our first album we are designing our new stage show and it will be over the top. We are hoping our kickstart program which will be opened sometime in Dec will help us fund this auditory master piece we are working on. We strive to make the most professional sounding production we can. With a professional Packaging and professional Art. It isn’t cheap and we will need the help of our fans to make this a reality, the nice thing about the Kickstart program is our fans will receive all sorts of really awesome rewards based upon their contribution. We are really hoping our international fans step up and make them selves known with this. Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, we will be releasing tidbits of music and all sorts of new content over the next few weeks and after that we will be releasing a steady stream of YouTube exclusive content.

Well that sums it up for now. I have some nice secrets yet to be revealed but it will be in due time.




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