It’s been a while/ Q&A

Well It has been a while since our last update and while I would love to say it was because we were all insanely busy working on new material or playing shows that sadly is only half correct. We are not yet professionals and as much as I wish we were,we all still must work day jobs and most of the time those really do tend to hamper the creative process.  Hopefully with this upcoming release we will be able to slack off the day jobs a bit and focus more on creating good music for you folks.

That is where you come in. We need you to get excited, we are excited and need to transmit that awesome feeling into you. So start getting pumped for awesome music.  Imagine our older material faster, harder, more orchestrated and darker than ever before. Imagine our live show with a string section. These are possibilities that we are discussing.

Here is what we need you to do.

1. Get pumped because we will not disappoint

2. Share us with your friends. Use each Monday to spread our blog, twitter, facebook, and youtube around like the village bicycle.

3. Spread our video’s around. I know we only have a handful of live performances but that is going to change very very soon 😉

D. I mean 4. We need feedback from you guys. Comments, Messages, and Love. You are the reason we are dancing around on stage.

Johnny B Good : “Okay so why Mondays?”

Mirrorscape: “Well…. Monday’s are the Mirrorscape rehearsal day. So we are nicknaming them. Mirrorscape Monday’s”

Here is the breakdown as I envision it.

* Each Monday members of the band will post music that they are currently listening to.  Hopefully all the members will get on board with this.

* Each Monday you will see a video blog sometime around 10pm Central time.

*Each Monday you should see a studio update video, multi-track cover, or interesting tidbit we felt like sharing.

* Each Monday we will spam our youtube page out and hopefully you do as well.

JBG: “Okay so I got all that, so what is this upcoming release?”

MS: “Well I am glad you asked, we are currently heading into the studio to finally record our old music some of it will be re-recorded.”

JBG: “Why your old music? I want to hear new music dammit”

MS: “Well it is new. All the songs are being completely re-imagined and restructured. The core will remain the same but they will sound completely fresh and unique from the originals.”

JBG: “Okay that’s pretty cool, but why not new music?”

MS: “Well the answer to that is not simple. That was originally our plan, but upon thinking about our older stuff that was never properly recorded and all the potential those song had we decided that a re-imagining was in order. We needed to give our older material a proper send off, also there was some diplomatic reasons for it, but I will not get into that at this time”


Alright folks, I am not going to push my luck by writing more, the computer crashed 4 times while attempting to write this.

Here are some links in case you haven’t already subscribed, followed, liked and what not.!/mirrorscpemusic


*Disclaimer JBG is not a real person, he is just a mildly cleaver announcement technique. Well I though he was cleaver.



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