As many of you know Mirrorscape has been on hiatus for the past several months from playing live shows. We told everyone is was mainly due to us going into a fevered writing phase and while that is correct there is more to it than that. Remember in December when our Vocalist Jarrod Kirkpatrick and his wife had their Daughter, well he has been taking time off from music in order to re-evaluate what he wants. On Sunday night he and I had a sit down and discussed the future of Mirrorscape. After a length discussion he told me that at this current time he will be unable to continue with Mirrorscape. Perhaps at a future date he will be able to be a part of fold again and I will continue to hope for that. He will be returning for the Recording if we are unable to find a full time vocalist between now and that time.

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It is with great sorrow we bid Jarrod goodbye. With no ill feelingsĀ  from either party we wish him luck with every future endeavor.

Now I will announce a few things. Mirrorscape is currently looking for musicians. We would like to add a String section to our music for both studio and live performances. Obviously we are looking for a Male Vocalist. A live second guitarist would also be ideal to have.

If you are interested in any of these please contact us at

If you know anyone who might be interested please share this with them, or if not please share it anyway. The more eyes on us, the more luck we will have in finding what we are looking for.

Also our street-teamer’s please get ready as we will be undergoing a large media campaign in the next few weeks. Please check our facebook page daily for updates and please share with the community at large. If you have not subscribe to our YOUTUBE please take a moment and do so.

Have a great day!



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