Formed in 2005 in the ashes of the band Adaptation Soul, Founding members Ryan Smithee and Matt Stinehart founded Mirrorscape. Harnessing various styles of metal they fused Progressive Elements and Melodic/ Symphonic Elements. Deciding to focus on Melody, hooks and artistic merit over pure heaviness. They remain heavy in their own right. Over the next few years they crafted songs, Honed their Style, and searched for Like minded Musicians. In 209 four years later they began to play live and recorded a demo. Overcoming several false starts and hold ups over the past few years. Mirrorscape is finally ready to move forward. Mirrorscape is currently revamping their live show and their music. Bring in new influences in order to update the sound of their music. Blending ethereal, haunting music with their trademarked catchy melodic leads and majestic choruses. Mirrorscape is preparing to record their first full length studio album and is booking shows between Nov and Jan. Mirrorscape is opening for Arsis ( Nuclear Blast) November 1st at the Fubar in Stl


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