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As many of you know Mirrorscape has been on hiatus for the past several months from playing live shows. We told everyone is was mainly due to us going into a fevered writing phase and while that is correct there is more to it than that. Remember in December when our Vocalist Jarrod Kirkpatrick and his wife had their Daughter, well he has been taking time off from music in order to re-evaluate what he wants. On Sunday night he and I had a sit down and discussed the future of Mirrorscape. After a length discussion he told me that at this current time he will be unable to continue with Mirrorscape. Perhaps at a future date he will be able to be a part of fold again and I will continue to hope for that. He will be returning for the Recording if we are unable to find a full time vocalist between now and that time.

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It is with great sorrow we bid Jarrod goodbye. With no ill feelings  from either party we wish him luck with every future endeavor.

Now I will announce a few things. Mirrorscape is currently looking for musicians. We would like to add a String section to our music for both studio and live performances. Obviously we are looking for a Male Vocalist. A live second guitarist would also be ideal to have.

If you are interested in any of these please contact us at Mirrorscape.the.band@gmail.com

If you know anyone who might be interested please share this with them, or if not please share it anyway. The more eyes on us, the more luck we will have in finding what we are looking for.

Also our street-teamer’s please get ready as we will be undergoing a large media campaign in the next few weeks. Please check our facebook page daily for updates and please share with the community at large. If you have not subscribe to our YOUTUBE please take a moment and do so.

Have a great day!


It’s been a while/ Q&A

Well It has been a while since our last update and while I would love to say it was because we were all insanely busy working on new material or playing shows that sadly is only half correct. We are not yet professionals and as much as I wish we were,we all still must work day jobs and most of the time those really do tend to hamper the creative process.  Hopefully with this upcoming release we will be able to slack off the day jobs a bit and focus more on creating good music for you folks.

That is where you come in. We need you to get excited, we are excited and need to transmit that awesome feeling into you. So start getting pumped for awesome music.  Imagine our older material faster, harder, more orchestrated and darker than ever before. Imagine our live show with a string section. These are possibilities that we are discussing.

Here is what we need you to do.

1. Get pumped because we will not disappoint

2. Share us with your friends. Use each Monday to spread our blog, twitter, facebook, and youtube around like the village bicycle.

3. Spread our video’s around. I know we only have a handful of live performances but that is going to change very very soon 😉

D. I mean 4. We need feedback from you guys. Comments, Messages, and Love. You are the reason we are dancing around on stage.

Johnny B Good : “Okay so why Mondays?”

Mirrorscape: “Well…. Monday’s are the Mirrorscape rehearsal day. So we are nicknaming them. Mirrorscape Monday’s”

Here is the breakdown as I envision it.

* Each Monday members of the band will post music that they are currently listening to.  Hopefully all the members will get on board with this.

* Each Monday you will see a video blog sometime around 10pm Central time.

*Each Monday you should see a studio update video, multi-track cover, or interesting tidbit we felt like sharing.

* Each Monday we will spam our youtube page out and hopefully you do as well.

JBG: “Okay so I got all that, so what is this upcoming release?”

MS: “Well I am glad you asked, we are currently heading into the studio to finally record our old music some of it will be re-recorded.”

JBG: “Why your old music? I want to hear new music dammit”

MS: “Well it is new. All the songs are being completely re-imagined and restructured. The core will remain the same but they will sound completely fresh and unique from the originals.”

JBG: “Okay that’s pretty cool, but why not new music?”

MS: “Well the answer to that is not simple. That was originally our plan, but upon thinking about our older stuff that was never properly recorded and all the potential those song had we decided that a re-imagining was in order. We needed to give our older material a proper send off, also there was some diplomatic reasons for it, but I will not get into that at this time”


Alright folks, I am not going to push my luck by writing more, the computer crashed 4 times while attempting to write this.

Here are some links in case you haven’t already subscribed, followed, liked and what not.





*Disclaimer JBG is not a real person, he is just a mildly cleaver announcement technique. Well I though he was cleaver.


International Cover Day

Not much time today just wanted to put a quick update on here.

I have definitely been spending far more time with my own personal blog and working on things than I have on here and I am sorry about that. You can subscribe to my personal blog HERE.

We have several new tracks almost finished and are currently putting that on hold to participate in International Cover Day, which I hope any musicians or friends of Musicians out there will spread out. Here is the info on it.  http://www.facebook.com/events/326303410727529/

This should be fairly fun and interesting and looking forward to seeing some unique music on this day!

I hope everyone Has a great day

Sleep of the Beast/Last Show of 2011/Fight the Future.

The Beast shall again slumber, but only for a time.  Soon all shall be revealed and the world did tremble.

Still coming down from the high playing live gives me. What seemed like a negative point in our existence through perseverance and luck managed to be a high for us. I know the crowd was small but it was one of the best crowds we have ever played for.  For those of you who have not been to Just Bill’s Place in Overland, MO it is a small club. In fact when watching old documentaries on the metal clubs that bands like Iron Maiden and other classics got their starts. This looks just like those. It is small, intimate and definitely Metal through and through.  Cheap and Awesomely strong drinks are plentiful and the Owner is an awesome guy and if he likes you he will keep throwing drinks to you all night.  Honestly while sometimes the sound is iffy, I love playing Just Bill’s over every other Club I have played in Saint Louis.  Here are some Pictures from last nights show, taken with my wife’s droid. I am looking for more pictures, I saw a lot of flashes. So you best be sending them my way 🙂

Last night was our official first headlining show. We have headlined before but that was always a last minute detail based on ticket sales. This was a right from the start of booking the show headlining event. So that was unique. The owner after our set was over told us next time make sure we have an hour or hour and a half set ready. Heh How was I suppose to know? The Email said our set time was from 11:00 to 11:45 so that is what we prepared 😛 Trust me had I known we could have played until the bar closed, I would have and I would have done some special things.

Last nights set list included a few new songs

I. Northern Lights from our 2009 EP

II. Your Point of View

III. Gardens Of Babylon

IV. Edge of the Universe from our 2009 EP

V.  Rites of The Edda

VI. Among the Stars

VII.  Untitled New Song ( Tentatively called End of Time)

Next time we will have a full massive set ready. I know the new song was a little rough but everyone’s reaction to it was awing to say the least.  It was a great show to have as your final show of the year. We may do another sometime between now and our Cd release and we may do a ninja show or two if the Occupy STL wants us and we are available.

Ok I have blathered on about last nights show long enough I think. On too the future of Mirrorscape.

Starting this week, Matt Stinehart and I shall begin work on the new album. We are both feeling uber creative and will be spending the next few weeks in a heavy writing phase, hopefully Joey and Danny Will be able to make it out often and help with ideas. Jarrod will be super busy though and that is understandable, as his wife is pregnant with his first child. She is Due in Mid December!

Beyond our first album we are designing our new stage show and it will be over the top. We are hoping our kickstart program which will be opened sometime in Dec will help us fund this auditory master piece we are working on. We strive to make the most professional sounding production we can. With a professional Packaging and professional Art. It isn’t cheap and we will need the help of our fans to make this a reality, the nice thing about the Kickstart program is our fans will receive all sorts of really awesome rewards based upon their contribution. We are really hoping our international fans step up and make them selves known with this. Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, we will be releasing tidbits of music and all sorts of new content over the next few weeks and after that we will be releasing a steady stream of YouTube exclusive content.

Well that sums it up for now. I have some nice secrets yet to be revealed but it will be in due time.



It is with….

It is with our sincerest apologies that we must inform our friends and fans out in the STL region, that due to several circumstances beyond our control we will not be performing Tuesday Night at the Fubar. We had high hopes for the show and it is a disappointment for us all that we will not be able to open for Arsis.  Anyone who had already bought tickets to the show from the band will be offered a full refund.  This is new territory for us as a band, I have said in the past that I would never allow a show to be cancelled. That I would Climb on stage with only an acoustic guitar and my off-key vocals if needed.  I am an entertainer at heart and believe in the show must go on. When someone told me a long time ago that sometimes, a canceled show just happens and there isn’t anyway around it. I never believed them, well until now that is.  We give our Sincerest apologies one more time.

I will take a moment and give a Mirrorscape update while I am writing as we are long over due.  We have another concert at Just Bills Saturday Nov 27th. I promise no cancellations on our part. 😛 After that show, we are going to be taking a break from live performances as our Vocalist Jarrod is having his first Girl in Dec!!!  The band will be focusing heavily on writing the material that will become our first full length album. We will be using a kickstart fundraiser to help get the albums and it’s release made a reality and will have a lot of neat rewards for those that help us. More info on the program later.  We are really excited to get this made a reality!


Love to everyone in the world,


Update from the Maddness

Well world, this is our new Blog. Hopefully it will work better than the standard blog on Reverbnation.  I will keep this fairly short today. Well Mirrorscape is doing well, our first time back on stage Oct 2nd, was not with out it’s hiccups but overall I think everything went well. We hope for a quick recovery for our vocalist, bassist, guitarist and drummer. Who have all come down sick over the past two weeks. One thing that made us happy is how well our new drummer Danny Meyer is working out!!!  In other Mirrorscape news, M.Stinehart and R. Smithee will begin releasing video blogs and have began working on new material exploring the new direction we are wishing to take our sound.  We have two upcoming shows. Tuesday November 1st at the Fubar opening for Arsis.   Buy a ticket now. The 2nd show is at Just Bills Thanksgiving Festival, Nov 26th. $5.00 at the door.

We are hoping to hit the studio in November as well.

Other Projects Mirrorscape is involved with, we are in the process of building our own little studio, so we can share musical idea’s with the online community more quickly and develop a stronger Youtube presence with video’s.  We are also currently looking for film editors too help put together a little video for our song Northern Lights, focusing on the Occupy Movements happening globally. We are also looking for a flash animator to put together a music video for our song Among the Stars. Hit us up at mirrorscape.the.band@gmail.com if you want to help with this.

We are currently help raise funds for the Occupy Movement with our song Northern Lights. Every Digital Download, half of our profits will be donated towards the movement. Purchase Now

Well that is all for now.


Remember Lets, Ride the Wings of Pestilence Together.


93 93/93