Update from the Madness vol II and HELP WANTED

Well it is a busy time in the Mirrorscape camp. We have one last show for the Year and we are going to put on a hell of a show. Apparently we are the closing band and will make sure we deliver a performance worthy of it. Our newest song “The End of Time” is finished musically. We only need a little more work on the lyrics and it will be ready, and hope to debut this amazing song November 26th. It has really set the bar for where we want to move musically with the group. One thing we have noticed is with the new Facebook, it has been increasingly more difficult to communicate with fans, updates and information. So we would really like it if all our fans could please sign up for our mailing list.


We have several projects in store for the remainder of the year and the beginning of the next that we want to keep you updated on and that leads me to.


We need some good people. These people will be responsible for several different aspects of the Mirrorscape Machine, that we the band no longer wish to spend our energies and instead focus on The Music. I will continue to focus on Management of the Band so no we are not looking for that 😉

The following positions are open in the Mirrorscape team and need immediate filling. We will be unable to pay much for the roles and instead hope to find friends and fans to take on the responsibilities and roles to help the band. All member of the Mirrorscape Team will receive A special Thanks in the Album and other production materials. Also all members of the team will be considered members of the band and will get into our shows free of charge.

1. Graphic Artist: This can be several people or just one. We are looking for artists to help design and create Promo Art including T-shirts, Stickers, Fliers and ect. Must be able to digitally create art. Optional Skills Drawing, painting, photography, ect.

2. Prop Manager: They will be in charge of designing and creating props for our live show. Could be as simple as a banner(S) or as complex as unique keyboard stands and platforms for the band to perform on. You will work hand in hand with the band in help us amp up our live performance through aspects of visual art and theatrics. Skills. Metalworking, Crafting, Wood Working, Painting, Ect.

3. Photographer. You must have decent equipment. Does Not need to be professional, but you need to be focused during our live shows in capturing as many pictures as you can, and capturing the perfects shots. Should have image editing software in order to digitally edit and enhance photography.

4. Videographer: Must have decent equipment, does not need to be professional. Your duties will require you too film our concerts and other promotional materials. You will need to attend several rehearsals and take notes in order memorize the individual spots of the upcoming set and get the best material. Should have editing software, there are plenty of free ones online that are useful. To combine the audio recorded seperately at each show with one of more camera’s and synch the footage together.

5. Merch Table: This position is an easy one. You work the stand and are responsible for money and merchandise. This position typically goes to females as it helps increase sales, but the only requirements is you stay at the table/booth at all times and be good at making the sales.  A high Charisma and charm is useful.

6. Optional Position: Light/Sound Hand. In charge of learning the equipment. Will be setting up, breaking down and operating equipment during performances.

Thanks in advance to all who offer your services. Please respond to mirrorscape.the.band@gmail.com and include which position your seeking and what skills you bring. Remember one person could and should fill many roles. We realize what lies behind all good things is the team helping make it possible, and we can no longer do it all our selves.

Ryan of Mirrorscape


93 93/93


Update from the Maddness

Well world, this is our new Blog. Hopefully it will work better than the standard blog on Reverbnation.  I will keep this fairly short today. Well Mirrorscape is doing well, our first time back on stage Oct 2nd, was not with out it’s hiccups but overall I think everything went well. We hope for a quick recovery for our vocalist, bassist, guitarist and drummer. Who have all come down sick over the past two weeks. One thing that made us happy is how well our new drummer Danny Meyer is working out!!!  In other Mirrorscape news, M.Stinehart and R. Smithee will begin releasing video blogs and have began working on new material exploring the new direction we are wishing to take our sound.  We have two upcoming shows. Tuesday November 1st at the Fubar opening for Arsis.   Buy a ticket now. The 2nd show is at Just Bills Thanksgiving Festival, Nov 26th. $5.00 at the door.

We are hoping to hit the studio in November as well.

Other Projects Mirrorscape is involved with, we are in the process of building our own little studio, so we can share musical idea’s with the online community more quickly and develop a stronger Youtube presence with video’s.  We are also currently looking for film editors too help put together a little video for our song Northern Lights, focusing on the Occupy Movements happening globally. We are also looking for a flash animator to put together a music video for our song Among the Stars. Hit us up at mirrorscape.the.band@gmail.com if you want to help with this.

We are currently help raise funds for the Occupy Movement with our song Northern Lights. Every Digital Download, half of our profits will be donated towards the movement. Purchase Now

Well that is all for now.


Remember Lets, Ride the Wings of Pestilence Together.


93 93/93

Occupy The World.

This was originally posted on our Reverbnation Blog, but I felt we needed a wordpress blog.

It was during the RNC protests of 2008 that I wrote the lyrics for Northern Lights. Blending visions of the protests being aggressively put down by what seemed at the time a police state action with the imagery of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Material Saga. I used the images of his work to convey an idea. I was listening to our 2009 Demo this morning and was thinking to my self, how relevant is this song to the world today. After pondering the question, the answer is, it is more relevant today than ever before.
Here is some lyrics and I will let you decide on the relevance of it.

“I see us gathered in the masses, they will lose all control. Division among the classes, they will all be over thrown.I finally found the solution, the answers are so near.A sacrifice I’ll make, and the authorities will come to fear.”
-To me this is the statement we are the 99%, we are the those that must stand up and take our future before there is no future to take.
The Authority is still claiming their “Divine Right” to rule the masses in perpetuated slavery. Most will think we are not slaves with a saddening look on their faces. How many of us own our own homes? How many of us live with out debt? We work to continue existing. Most are unable to reach for dreams or goals, being forced to chose between Goals and  mere Survival.

Lets look at some more lyrics, here is the Chorus.

Infinite worlds are linked parallel. A starry dust exists, unseen just within the northern lights.
Awareness found by man in fervor. Hysteria unveiled in the halls of those who claim Divine Right.

Very direct imagery  for anyone who has read the books, and I can express many complex layers for my choice in the lyrics. “Infinite Worlds linked parallel”, that is a representation of all the possible futures that we can create today. What kind of world do we wish to live in? What kind of future do we wish to create for our children? Do we want them to grow up in the perpetual slavery of the current economic system?
“Awareness found by man in fervor. Hysteria unveiled in the halls of those who claim Divine Right” This is extremely straight forward. In times of crisis Mankind strives for change and self improvement. Mankind is also more open to see the world as it really is, and that time is now. Those who hold the cards will have to see the truth, that we will not be playing their game anymore. It ends Now. This song I hope can become an anthem for this movement. I am not deluded enough to think, that it will, but I hope it can help inspire others to take a stand and join in the movement. I am officially dedicating this song for the cause. I am hoping by the end of the day, I will have the song for sale online and I will donate half of all proceeds straight towards the cause. I will update this page when I can. Please remember the song is a demo, and we do plan on re-recording it in the next few months. If this takes off, I will re-record it in the next week or so. I also urge all our fans to donate to the cause. http://nycga.cc/donate/
Finally here is Northern Lights.